The inevitable hype has surrounded the launch of the apple watch, but what does this actually mean for the industry?

The watch is the latest advance in wearables, something that we’ve been hearing a lot about when talking to our peers at events and conferences, and it’s safe to say that there is a lot of excitement around the subject.

It’s safe to assume that this will be a different kind of interaction. In a similar fashion to mobile it’s more intimate, more connected, so surely this will be useful from a marketing perspective?

The watch is another channel which is always with us, always connected, and even less likely that the phone to leave our contact. Therefore, timing is extremely important. For example, an offer that ends at midnight does not need to be announced via the watch as this is likely to annoy most customers!

On a similar theme, the watch carries further implications for bricks and mortar, as this gives us a great opportunity to serve promotions based on location, rather than timing. In addition, can we also use the watch to the customer who wanted to come back later that we are now low on stock and not to leave it too long? And what about streamlining the sales process of high ticket items which have longer thinking time such as cars and electronics? It seems that the possibilities are endless.

As with all digital channels, the key to this will be data. Brands need to make smart choices, intelligent selections, and ones that will please the customer rather than irritating them. Placing the customer at the centre of your universe is the only way to progress, whatever device they may choose.

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