Four key ecommerce markets are set to grow to £645bn by 2018, according to OC&C Strategy Consultants, PayPal, and Google, as published today in Internet Retailing Magazine.

First of all – this represents a tremendous opportunity for UK retailers, who should take immense confidence from the report. Analysing transaction data from PayPal and Google, the UK was found to be the most popular overseas destination for German Shoppers, and second most popular in both China and the US.

One of the most interesting conclusions was that UK retailers could earn an estimated 60% more, by optimising their international trade, by looking at payment preferences and delivery options, which vary greatly from country to country.

The positive economic forecast was complemented by further insight into mobile transactions. Martijn Bertisen, sales director at Google UK notes that UK consumers are amongst the most mobile of all, with 59% of transactions being made via mobile, compared with 45% and 24% in the US and Germany respectively.

The unavoidable message here that every UK retailer has an opportunity. This opportunity is international, and the quicker you can grasp it, the more you stand to gain.

Everything is underpinned by mobile, which comes as no surprise. This means that whilst retailers can thrive abroad, any expansion must be built upon firm technological foundations capable of catering for market tendencies.

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