With so much focus on new customers, revenue, and the multitude of active digital marketing channels that retailers must manage, customer service is often an overlooked area of ecommerce. However, basic retail principles still apply – the customer should be valued above all else.


Here’s four easy ways most businesses can improve…


1.      Multichannel

With customers having so many ways of interacting with your business, it’s important that your customer service is equally flexible. 90% of customers expect their experience to be consistent across channels, meaning you must be able to pick up conversations that started on one channel, e.g telephone conversations, and continue on another channel such as social.


2.      Social

Customers now see social media as an instant line of communication. It is also a place we go to vent our frustrations, in the hope that the thought of exposing an issue will generate a quicker response.

46% of online shoppers expect brands to provide customer service on social media, and 88% of customers are less likely to buy from companies who leave complaints via social media unanswered.


3.      Support Centre

Most customers use the website as a starting point for a customer service request. In some instances, a well designed and content-rich support centre may help them help themselves. This is both a positive customer experience, and a time-saving device for your business.


4.      Online Chat

77% of customers are positively influenced by online chat. It’s a push for your team to keep up to, but if you can spare the resource this will go down extremely well with your customers.

Providing great customer service has huge implications for any business. This is the difference between losing transactions, or turning first time shoppers into loyal, returning customers.

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