YouTube is the latest giant to advance its monetisation process and allow you to shop directly from its videos. This is set to introduce a whole new revenue stream for YouTube, and another opportunity for marketers and retailers.


As an Alphabet company, the ads will be served by Google, which will also decide which videos to pair with your Ad. Consumers will be shown a menu of products as the video plays, which is relatively unobtrusive, but potentially effective when paired with the right user/video combination.


This is the latest effort from YouTube to diversify from its traditional ads, and it’s also rumored to be working on a subscription service that may be available in 2015.

Despite being the world’s leading video platform, YouTube is nowhere near as lucrative as some of the other giants in the industry.

The Wall Street Journal estimates that YouTube just about broke even in 2014, which explains the reasoning being a desire to tap into a larger and lucrative ecommerce market.


The ads will begin appearing this year, so be sure to keep an eye out…

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