As a general theme, the influence of mobile is having the biggest impact on e-commerce design in general. This is a force which is changing the foundations of e-commerce design.

It’s important that we do everything in our power to keep our clients ahead of the curve, and design is an extremely important aspect of this. Therefore, we keep our ear to the ground and ensure that we’re up to speed with what’s round the corner.


  1. Hidden Menus

Navigation has been revolutionised by mobile. With screen space at a premium we are now accustomed to hidden or ‘hamburger’ menus. Increasingly, these hidden menus are starting to creep onto desktop sites as companies adopt a ‘mobile first’ strategy.


  1. Upwardly Responsive

At the mobile end of the spectrum, screen sizes are getting smaller. At the other end of the spectrum, displays are getting bigger. At this point, we must do all we can to make the best use of this space, and allow our sites to expand into it, to ensure that the customer get’s the maximum possible amount of information from any one page.


  1. Video

As connections improve and consumers demand heightened experience, brands are increasingly turning to video to provide a rich media interaction. This can be promotional, or product related, but it’s a great addition to a site to give customers another interaction.



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